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Next-Level Match Data: BVB El Paso Borderland Invests in Video Analysis System

By Jason Brewer, 04/03/23, 4:30PM CDT


We are thrilled to announce that BVBIA El Paso Borderland has made an investment in the club and players with the purchase of VEO Sports Cameras to record our matches and provide detailed statistics using artificial intelligence (AI).

With VEO cameras, we can now record our matches in full HD without the need for a camera operator. The cameras are mounted on a tripod and placed at the halfway line, providing a perfect view of the entire field. This means we can capture all the action and analyze every aspect of the game to improve our players' performance.

But that's not all - VEO cameras come with advanced AI technology that generates detailed statistics from each match. The system automatically tracks the ball and players, providing data on player movement, passing accuracy, and other key performance indicators. This information is then used by our coaches to create individualized training programs for each player, helping them to improve their skills and reach their full potential.

Using VEO cameras also allows us to share footage and data with players and their families, giving them the opportunity to review matches and analyze their own performance. This helps players to identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.

In short, the adoption of VEO Sports Cameras represents a significant step forward for our club in terms of player development and performance analysis. We are excited to see the impact it will have on our players and look forward to using it for seasons to come.

Jason Brewer
Executive Director
BVBIA - El Paso Borderland